*Vulnerable Road Users* NM


          - We enhance awareness about persons who
            share our roads who are at particular risk. 

     - We help to educate road users about being respectful and
    responsible toward others who use the same travel space.

         - We enlist the support of community leaders, civic    organizations, and local businesses as we advocate
    for cooperation between planners, decision-makers,                 and road users.  



*Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs)  include, but are not limited to: Pedestrians, including runners; physically disabled persons; skaters,

and children. Also, bicyclists, handcycles, horse-drawn conveyances, and farm equipment. Persons operating a motorcycle, moped,

motor-driven cycle, or motor-assisted scooter. Highway, construction, and maintenance workers, tow-truck operators, utility workers,

and other workers with legitimate business in or near the roadway or right-of-way, as well as stranded motorists.  

Those of us who advocate for VRUs are not demanding or expecting special treatment. We seek to make the public aware of that these persons are at considerably greater risk. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are far bigger and capable of much higher speeds, a combination that must be taken into consideration when one recognizes the inherent disadvantages of VRUs. It is the legal right of these persons to share the road, and we want to stand up for that right. We do expect drivers to treat them with respect and consider the safety of ALL who share the roads. And we expect those in law enforcement and the judicial system to factor in those particular vulnerabilities when they investigate and assess fault. 

Our Board of Directors

                        Our organization is served by a group of volunteers 

                  who share a vision for positive change in our community. 

       Executive Director/President          Barbara Toth

       Co-Director/Vice-President          Manny Terrazas

       Board Treasurer                                Laura Roper

       Board Secretary                              Faith Bamford

       Member-at-large                               David Arias

       Member-at-large                            Anthony Estrada

       Member-at-large                             Donald Wilson

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Vulnerable Road Users NM, incorporated in the state of New Mexico (2022)
                     Also in 2022, awarded 501c3 status by the IRS