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 *Vulnerable Road Users* NM


          - We enhance awareness about persons who
            share our roads who are at particular risk. 

     - We help to educate road users about being respectful and
    responsible toward others who use the same travel space.

         - We enlist the support of community leaders, civic    organizations, and local businesses as we advocate
    for cooperation between planners, decision-makers,                 and road users.  



*Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs)  include, but are not limited to: Pedestrians, including runners; physically disabled persons; skaters,

and children. Also, bicyclists, handcycles, horse-drawn conveyances, and farm equipment. Persons operating a motorcycle, moped,

motor-driven cycle, or motor-assisted scooter. Highway, construction, and maintenance workers, tow-truck operators, utility workers,

and other workers with legitimate business in or near the roadway or right-of-way, as well as stranded motorists.  

Those of us who advocate for VRUs are not demanding or expecting special treatment. We seek to make the public aware of that these persons are at considerably greater risk. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are far bigger and capable of much higher speeds, a combination that must be taken into consideration when one recognizes the inherent disadvantages of VRUs. It is the legal right of these persons to share the road, and we want to stand up for that right. We do expect drivers to treat them with respect and consider the safety of ALL who share the roads. And we expect those in law enforcement and the judicial system to factor in those particular vulnerabilities when they investigate and assess fault. 

Our Board of Directors

                        Our organization is served by a group of volunteers 

                  who share a vision for positive change in our community. 

       Executive Director/President          Barbara Toth

       Co-Director/Vice-President          Manny Terrazas

       Board Treasurer                                Laura Roper

       Board Secretary                              Faith Bamford

       Member-at-large                               David Arias

       Member-at-large                            Anthony Estrada

       Member-at-large                             Donald Wilson

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          Meet our Board of Directors

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                                   Hello! I am BARBARA TOTH, founder of this organization. In 2020, my husband, Jim,                                         was hit and seriously injured while riding his bicycle; thankfully, he survived!  Recently                                     we celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary! Besides my husband and home, I am                                           passionate about making music - as a teacher, church musician, and professional                                             accompanist. VRU is of particular importance to me because it demonstrates the                                             redemptive aspect of what we have been thorough and allows us to use our story to                                         make a difference in the lives of others!

My name is FAITH BAMFORD and I am a student here in Las Cruces.  As my name                            suggests, my faith in Christ defines who I am and my commitment to serving my                              community. In crossing Las Cruces going from classes to music lessons to Karate                                    and jiujitsu trainings, I have grown passionate about increasing the safety of the                              vulnerable road users that I share the road with. I want to empower other teens and                                young adults to advocate for safe driving among their peers.

             I am ANTHONY ESTRADA, born and raised in Las Cruces, NM. I am husband to a wonderful wife                  and the father of 2 young men. I am a motorcyclist, sports fan, and film enthusiast. I have been                      a teacher for more than than18 years; currently I teach middle school students. In addition, I run                   two local small businesses with my wife, Zoraya.  VRU is important to me because of its message                of road safety and its representation of all who use our roadways. 

I am LAURA ROPER, the mother of a beautiful 11-year-old daughter and married to my best                        friend, Delivan. When not caring for my family and home, I work at Weight Watchers guiding            members to improved health and lifestyle. I also volunteer with the choir at my church. I am                        taking an active role in VRU because I recognize the importance of the organization and of                  protecting vulnerable road users. This could even include my own husband or daughter!

                 My name is MANNY TERRAZAZ and I have lived in the Mesilla Valley with my wife, Jennifer,                           for all 43 years of our married life. We raised 3 children here, and they and their spouses have                       given us 5 beautiful grandchildren! I am enjoying retirement after a 30-plus year  career in                             Law Enforcement and have become an avid bike rider! I am vested in educating the public and                     working toward  making sure every vulnerable rider or  walker is safe.

I am DONALD WILSON. I moved to Las Cruces when I was just 4, then moved away                                      for graduate school and to begin my career as a Nursing Home Administrator. My wife                                      and I were fortunate to return to Las Cruces in 1996. We love living in the downtown                                        area and that the weather here allows us to enjoy hiking or biking almost every day of                                      the year! I am working with VRUNM and other cycling advocacy organizations to help                                      make the roads safer for cyclists, pedestrians, and others in the Mesilla Valley.


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    Vulnerable Road Users NM, incorporated in the state of New Mexico (2022)
                                   Also in 2022, awarded 501c3 status by the IRS

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