New Mexico is consistently at or near the top of lists indicating where   the greatest number of vulnerable road users are killed and injured
every year. That makes our state one of the most dangerous places for bicyclists, pedestrians, and others who choose a means of transport
other than a car, truck, or SUV! In March of 2020, while riding his bicycle, my husband was struck from behind by a 17-year-old driving a truck. He sustained very serious injuries - most significantly, he suffered a broken back and partially severed spinal cord!  His life was spared, but his quality of life was impacted in a number of challenging ways. How does one pick up the pieces following such a senseless and preventable ordeal? I felt compelled to become a voice for those in our community who have suffered because, as vulnerable road users, too little concern has often been given for their safety. I have become convinced that, if all who use
New Mexico's roadways can be persuaded to do so more responsibly, we can make a measurable improvement! Vulnerable Road Users NM was born out of that confidence, along with the support of others in our community. We are determined to makes changes that will positively impact the future!

- Barbara Toth; Founder, VulnerableRoadUsersNM









Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs)  include, but are not limited to:    Pedestrians, including runners; physically disabled persons; 

skaters, and children. Also, bicyclists, handcycles, horse-drawn conveyances, and farm equipment. Persons operating a motorcycle, moped, motor-driven cycle, or motor-assisted scooter. Highway, construction, and maintenance workers, tow-truck operators,

utility workers, other workers with legitimate business in or near the roadway or right-of-way, as well as stranded motorists.  

Those of us who advocate for VRUs are not demanding or expecting special treatment. We do seek to make the public aware of that these persons are at considerably greater risk. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are far bigger and capable of much higher speeds, a combination that must be taken into consideration when one recognizes the inherent disadvantages of VRUs who are on the roadways. It is the legal right  of these persons to share the road, and we want to stand up for that right. We do expect drivers to treat them with respect and consider the safety of ALL who share the roads. Also, we expect those in law enforcement and the judicial system to factor

in those particular vulnerabilities when they investigate and assess fault. 

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We AFFIRM the value 
of all who share our roads.

Actively promoting awareness   
in multiple ways.

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We EDUCATE road users, 
particularly young drivers.

Presenting the importance of responsible choices, and challenging road users 
to make decisions that will keep them
and those they share the road with safer. 

We PARTNER with those who
share our vision and goals.

Combining our efforts and resources
with those of like-minded individuals,
organizations, and businesses.