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MAY, 2023

    This month brought many opportunities to interact with our community. With Driver's Ed presentations at Mayfield and Centennial High Schools, we ended the 22-23 school year having spoken to over 200 students! The evaluation forms that the students completed affirm the value of our presentations: "These things need to be talked about"....."It really made me think about consequences and distractions"....."I didn't know so many lives were at stake"....."I do not want this to happen to me or my loved ones, so I will tell other people."                         Our monthly morning at the Farmer's Market always introduces us to a variety of folks who are interested in our message. It's most uplifting to see support growing from within our community!  Networking with groups like The Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico is also a great way to widen our audience.              A number of local cyclists turned out for this year's Ride of Silence, which honors fallen bicyclists. It's a somber reminder of the tragic loss of far too many vulnerable road users.  It is our sincere belief that the efforts of VRUnm will play a key role in decreasing these numbers in the future!   

folded crane.jpg
          A student left me a folded crane -
              symbol of hope and healing.
silence 23-2.jpg

April, 2023
Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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December, 2022 
Driver's Ed Classes

In addition to telling students our
story, I got to observe a presentation
by Dona Ana Sheriff's Deputy, Fabian
Hernandez, and his colleague.  
The students who tried the "drunk
driving goggles" were amazed at the
effect! Even though it's not possible  
to simulate the degree of cognitive
impairment that occurs under the
influence of alcohol, experiencing
the visual impairment alone made 
quite an impact on them! 

How humbling to have a student say to me, "Your story will change lives!" And another, "Her story was sad, but it will influence me tyo be a better driver.     "Your story will change lives!" And another: "Her story was sad,  but it will influence me to be a better driver."                                                                                 PLUS, our very first group of student advocates stepped forward!

We commemorated Distracted Driving      Awareness Month with a number of                             special activities:
       * A Mayoral Proclamation at City                            Council meeting, 4/3. 
       * Executive Director, Barbara Toth,                       recognized by advocacy                             partner, "It Could Be Me".
       *  Lunch outreach, Las Cruces High.
       * Farmer's Market Outreach
       * Southern New Mexico Giving Day
       * Presentation for members of                          Las Cruces Optimists club.

Cruces High.jpg
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November, 2022         
Day of Remembrance for
Road Traffic Victims


September, 2022
Drivers' Ed Classes
Las Cruces Public Schools


"Her and her husband's personal story touches my heart, as it helped me see a different point of view"

"This really did show me that even a quick glance at     your phone can affect my life and others. I won't be getting distracted by my phone or anything for a fact!" 

         "I loved the presentation. I think it will                                impact others like it did me. It showed how                        important it is to not think roads are just for cars."

         "People on bikes and others on the road                                              are equal as cars."

"I learned about how irresponsible drivers can affect other people's lives forever. Now I know how painful it is for people when a driver hurts people or themselves in a collision. Sometimes to the point where it is fatal."

"It was very worthwhile. It made me want to never be distracted while driving. I will try to live up to that!"

"It definitely made me want to be more cautious.        Seeing how sad she was about her husband made me never want someone to feel like that and it be my fault."

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August, 2022
National Night Out


night o.jpg
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June, 2022
Grace's Ride

Grace 3.jpg
Grace 2.jpg
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Ride Silence 3.jpg

May, 2022
Ride of Silence

Ride Silence.jpg
Ride Silence 2.jpg
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November, 2021;   Event for young drivers

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JACK 20.jpg
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