The success of our advocacy efforts depends largely upon support from others
in our community. Every individual has the ability to inspire and motivate others! We welcome the participation of individuals as well as local government and civic organizations. Financial and "in-kind" gifts allow us to reach a wider audience with our vital, life-saving message. Businesses who contribute to our work demonstrate a tangible commitment to helping achieve our goals and to making a
far-reaching, lasting difference.

Friends of VRUnm

Become a Friend of VRUnm! 
Sharie and Mike Burger
Nyeta Haines
   Scott, Ryan, and Nathan S. [Boy Scout Troop 68]
Donald and Lesa Wilson
Amalia Zeitlin

Community Partnerships
We are deeply grateful for those in our community
who go above and beyond to
 help make our work possible!

Like-Minded Organizations

End Distracted Driving

Families for Safe Streets   

It Could Be Me

Roadway to Zero Coalition

Velo Cruces

Velo Paso

Vision Zero


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