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     HELLO!  I am Barbara Toth, founder and Executive Director of Vulnerable      Road Users NM. I began to "blog" several months after my husband, Jim, was seriously injured while riding his bicycle. Although I do share what I've written,      the primary purpose of writing has been to help myself process the difficulties  we have faced since the collision. There are challenges each and every day, as    we make our way through a life which is very different than we could ever have anticipated. A large part of that journey has been to seek the good that might    come out of sharing the struggles of our personal situation. For that reason,          I felt led to create this non-profit organization with the intention of enhancing public awareness, educating road users (young drivers, in particular), and influencing leaders within our own community and beyond. It is vitally important  work, and I believe the time is right, in light of ever-increasing injuries and deaths on our roadways, for citizens to take charge of restructuring the ways we address the needs of all who share our travel spaces. We can and must take the necessary steps to provide a safer world for ourselves and for future generations! It is possible! If sharing our story helps anyone to make more responsible, respectful choices it will redeem our own hardships in a tangible, life-changing way.  My sincere belief is that lives can be saved, lending purpose and meaning to Jim's and my own personal circumstances! 

          Reminding everyone to use New Mexico             roadways responsibly and respectfully. 

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