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Reversing the trend of ever-increasing roadway   violence will require a commitment on the parts
of everyone who uses our roadways! 

        VRUnm is actively involved in changing the culture
of road use in our communities! Safer, smarter road use enhances everyone's quality of life.
You can be part of making that happen! 

Helping hands working together can accomplish great things!    Please add your name to our volunteer list; we'll reach out to as needs arise. 



General Operating Budget for 2024, 

            $10,625 - Some specific line items are                     listed below, should you wish to designate            funds toward a particular project.


          Student packets for 2024 Driver's Ed                                 presentations (we are planning for                420 students; approx. $2400)

             Distracted Driving Goggles We'd like a    2nd pair of goggles in order to serve additional people at our distracted driving demos. $1050


        We'd like to host a week-long ArriveAlive                    event, featuring a state of the art safe-driving                   simulator. We are seeking Sponsors to                             make this exciting outreach a reality!                                Aiming for September, 2025!                                  This would be a tremendous opportunity                      to dramatically increase awareness about          safe road use! Approx. cost - *16,000 


            VOLUNTEER Needs:

            On-going - Celebrate a birthday                             or other special day by hosting                          a GoFundMe or similar event to            benefit VRUnm on social media!

            April, 2024We are in need of help                       April 1,2,3 distributing posters to              local businesses about Distracted Driving Awareness Month. 

        April 27, 2024 - Bike Fiesta

We'll interact with the public, sharing  the important message "Decide to Drive Undistracted". Games and activities to            help families appreciate how unsafe      distracted driving is. 

April-June and Sept-Nov, Farmer's Market     One Saturday each month: set up, greet         the public, pack up. Approx. 7 AM to 1 PM.                  *April 13 and May 18   Additional dates   will be listed here as they become available.

         Nov. 19, World Day of Remembrance                        for Road Traffic Victims                                        *Watch here for details*   

          September, 2025? ArriveAlive!!                      This event will require a great deal of help       in advance of and throughout the week. 

      Soliciting advertising, putting posters up,               preparing supplies, contacting vendors,                setting up, greeting the public, providing             hospitality for ArriveAlive team, etc.       


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