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Everyone wants their community to be a great place to live, work, and play!                When we all share a sense of responsibility for enhanced quality of life, every aspect  of our community benefits. Financial support from those who value our work inspires and motivates others, while impacting our community and beyond in life-changing, life-saving ways. Organizations, businesses, and individuals who contribute to VRUnm demonstrate a tangible commitment to making a significant difference right here where we live. We are grateful for every gift, and we pledge to be conscientious and discerning in the use of all funds received. 

Vulnerable Road Users NM is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

With the exception of point-of-service fees, all funds received go back into our work! 


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Individual Friends of VRUnm

Anonymous donors (3)

Alex Applegate

Raul Aun

Kari Bachman

Bamford family

Julie Basile

Longino Bustillos

Judah Cleveland

Leslie Gary

Michelle Gose

Dacia Grant

Vivian Hahn

Nyeta Haines

Connie Hemmer

Jean Hufziger

Jazmin Iburra

Dawnmarie Martinez

Bill and Marcia Nation

Mary Lou Scheel      Naomi Scroggs

Kristy Shine

Ian Sidden

Troop 89(Scott, Ryan, Nathan) 

Karen Masterson Warren

Paul Washinsky

Scott White

Donald & Lesa Wilson

Joan & Warren Woodward

Amalia Zeitlin

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